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[REVIEW] Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269

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Growing up around motorcycles and muscle cars my entire life, this set instantly struck a chord with me as soon as I saw the box. The classic lines and iconic shape of a true American ‘Legend’ recaptured in LEGO for us all to build and enjoy! This is my review of the LEGO Creator Harley-Davison Fat Boy 10269.

The build itself is a fascinating and creative way of using many of the parts we already know and love. A few new elements make their appearance in this set in the way of a new solid wheel design and a huge 35 mm rear tire.

One surprising piece used while assembling the frame and motor was a black, 1 x 4 window frame, which completely disappears once the back wheel and swing arm are in place.

One of the best parts about this motorcycle has to be the working pistons inside the V-twin motor that move up and down while the bike is being pushed.

This is all accomplished by a clever gear system connected by a 43 pc chain that yes, does require assembling. I’d say the most challenging part of the whole build process is connecting the chain once it is actually on the bike.

Overall when the bike is all put together it feels really solid and sturdy, being built around a good amount of technic parts for a strong frame.

Now, taking the photos of this amazing set is where things really got interesting for me. Having shot LEGO for years it's always a bit different and sometimes a challenge when the main subject isn’t a minifig.

The size and scale of this set really made me think hard about where to shoot it and what background would work best with the motorcycle. I decided I wanted to incorporate some texture and natural surroundings, so I used a stacked stone wall as my backdrop.

For this shoot I used a 2 light setup with a warm filter on the light illuminating the backdrop and a soft light diffuser on the fill light. I focused the warm flash on its widest setting (24 mm) for a wide spread of ambient light to hit the wall and gently blanket the subject with soft, warm light.

I've learned when photographing smaller subjects the flash intensity is sometimes too harsh and creates bright highlights and reflections. A way to still get powerful light but also control highlights is to slightly aim your light source away from the subject and use more of the ambient light than the direct light from a flash.

The whole process of building and photographing this set was a pure joy from beginning to end. This gorgeous and highly accurate Harley-Davidson Fat Boy looks amazing on the shelf and fits in beautifully next to the other vehicles from the LEGO Creator expert line!

Here are some more photos of this fantastic  set:

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Yuri Badiner
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I love this natural looking and insanely detailed motorcycle, it looks awesome! Absolutely stunning images, Amber! Special thanks for BTS shot and few words about lighting! Great review!

Foolish Bricks
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I'm not into car/ motorcycle model Lego sets. However, this one looks stunning. Amber, your images make me wanna get a motorcycle driver licence and drive off into the sunset. Beautiful images!