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[REVIEW] Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue 75947

Marco Zanconi
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Have you seen a set that is shouting at you “buy me”, but you are unsure if is worth it or not? Well, here’s some help: a toy-photographic review for toy photographers made by a toy photographer.

Today I’m going to review a set from the Harry Potter 2019 wave, 75947 Hagrid's Hut: Buckbeak's Rescue.

The set includes 6 minifigures: Hagrid, Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, the executioner and the ministry, plus Buckbeak the Hippogriff.

Let’s talk about the hut itself.

At a first look, it looks like two huts (not one) with a rural octagonal-shaped structure with two entrances and, to be honest, is exactly that.

The interior

The build is open on the back, so you can easily put your figures and have a friendly look while framing.

The smallest structure has very few points of interest.

I wanted to use the grilled window to blow some light inside the room and it works pretty decently. Added a bit of uncertainty and super-scary storytelling with the spider hanging from the roof.

Maybe the desk can be used in better ways than what I’ve done, for example giving some life to the candle and blue light from the window to simulate the night.

Here I’ve found out that the light will not come only from the window, but also on the gaps of the wall, due to the construction technique used. Not a real problem though, you can cover the gaps from behind with some paper or bricks.

The second hut is more interesting, windows on both sides allow the entrance of a lot of light and can be used to design some interesting shape.
There are a lot of details here, which is both a plus and a minus because you have less space to place your figures unless you remove something which would not be of interest for your story.

The fireplace is a wonderful addition, especially considering that has an orange light brick integrated! The warm look of the light is perfect for your pictures.

The exterior

The external part of the hut is made with the same attention to details of the inside.

You can shoot a close-up of your figures at the window or an evening walk to breathe some fresh air and neither of those pics will look plain using that background, especially if you place a light on the inside and use smoke to create some beams.

Here again, I’ve had the same issue with the light coming from everywhere: window, gaps in the wall, gaps in the roof, under the door and so on. I’ve decided to leave it like this, it helped to identify better the door and some shapes of the hut.

The set also came with a lot of pumpkins (I know, you’re thinking ahead to shoot some Halloween creepy stories) and some foliage.

This build alone is not really interesting, but with the right low angle and some real moss (or small wood, or stones…), it will be a perfect location for your chained hippogriff, especially if you leave the hut in the background.

Everything else

Now that you’ve exhausted your ideas with the figures that came into the set, it’s time to explore new realities and unleash your creativity.

The hut is pretty good as a pool party location (here you have the version without the pool).

The rurality of the build makes it works amazingly with different ages, like old west and medieval times.

I’m pretty sure that also works well with pirates setup and even with sci-fi movies.

The zombrickfication

This is the last test for the set, the zombrickfication. I’ve changed a bit the build to make it run-down and abandoned, maybe due to some zombie invasion, and I’m very satisfied with the look.

Also here, the rurality of the build wanted the story in an ancient time, but this is just my imagination, honestly it can work with any figure you have, I dare you.


The set has GREAT potential for toy photography, I’ve passed a lot of pictures that I could have taken. It works perfectly with any minifigures because the build can be placed anywhere and anytime and can tell a high number of different, interesting stories.

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Brick Broadcasting
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Woww... you really showed the potential of this set!! Great review!! ???????? And stunning pics!

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Marco Zanconi
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????thank you!

I'm sure i've missed other shots, pirates for example. Or maybe placing the hut in different environment, like sand or even underwater, but i'm sure the community will fill the gaps