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[Closed] The One with the Friends Prize

Four Bricks Tall
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Come hang out with your friends on the new Brickcentral site and get a chance to win the LEGO Friends Central Perk 21319 set!

We've completely redesigned the site so LEGO fans and photographers can hang out, share all things LEGO on the activity stream, and join groups of like-minded people. 

LEGO Star Wars fan? Head to Brickcentral Cantina and grab a drink! Or make a three-point landing into Brickcentral Superheroes Hall if your thing is LEGO DC or Marvel. We’ve got more groups for you to explore so go find your tribe!

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:

  1. Register or log in to the new Brickcentral site 
  2. Add a profile pic and cover image on your profile
  3. Join the official Brickcentral group and at least one other group
  4. Post short messages in both groups

What would you post in the official Brickcentral group? Channel your inner Chandler and drop a pun (Brickcentral Perk?), say hi to the community, tell us what you think of the new site, share ideas for future contests, or just write whatever is on your mind!

Monica has a few rules though:

  1. Only one account per person. Don’t set up multiple accounts just to increase your chances of winning. All of your entries will be disqualified and you’ll be banned.
  2. Don’t self-promote. Please don’t post links to your Instagram photos or ask people to check out your profile. These entries will be deleted and disqualified. 

The giveaway starts today and ends on Sep 22.


The contest is open worldwide, except for areas where LEGO's delivery provider is unable to reach. 


The Central Perk set is provided by LEGO and will be shipped directly to the winner for free. If delivery is unavailable in your area, we cannot guarantee that LEGO can accommodate you.

If the Central Perk set is unavailable in your region at the time of the awarding, we reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal value. The prize can't be exchanged for cash or other items.


A post on the official Brickcentral group page will be randomly chosen as the winner. We'll announce the giveaway winner on Sep 23, 2019. Please make sure that you are able to receive emails from Brickcentral.

If your entry is chosen, you must respond within 72 hours of the announcement or we will have to select a new winner.

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Four Bricks Tall
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UPDATE: The winner is @brickninjastudios

The Central Perk set is currently sold out so the winner has selected LEGO sets equalling the value of the prize.

Foolish Bricks
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 ???? Congratulations @brickninjastudios ! ????