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[Closed] "Show Your Hidden Side" BTS Post Contest

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Ever wonder how some of the LEGO photos we feature on Brickcentral were created? It's not with wizardry, but skill.

Brickcentral is all about developing skill and sharing tips with other LEGO photographers, so we're really excited to announce the theme of our next contest: Show Your Hidden Side!

To enter, create a detailed behind-the-scenes (BTS) of a LEGO photo you took and post it on our forum. If your BTS is chosen as the best, you could win a Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000!

(A BTS is the "hidden side" of a photo shoot so we're giving away a Hidden Side set. Get it? Get it?!)

Share your lighting setup or what kind of gear you use. Demonstrate how you create a practical effect, an in-camera effect or a visual effect in Photoshop. Talk about how you conceptualize and prepare for a shoot. Anything that can give insight into your creative process is good BTS material.

You can submit photos with text (like an article) or a video like this one:

Check out the examples we have on the Behind The Scenes forum and blog sections on our site (link in bio).

To be eligible, all BTS must be posted to the Behind The Scenes forum. Older content is fine as long as it has not been previously published. (Links to blog posts are not accepted.)

Remember, a good BTS not only teaches but allows people to better understand and deeply appreciate both you and your work. It's a win-win... and maybe a win-win-win if the BC mods deem your BTS the best!

How to Enter

Photo entry: Take screenshots of your editing workflow or photos of your setup, and explain it in detail either in text or marked up photos. Create a forum post in the Behind the Scenes forum and post your BTS. If you have multiple photos, simply divide your BTS into sections and post them as replies to your original post.

Video entry: Take a video of your editing workflow or setup and describe what's going on with audio or text graphics. Create a forum post in the Behind the Scenes forum and post a link to your BTS video.

BTS posts consisting solely of a pullback photo without any explanation aren't eligible entries.

You can enter as many times as you like during the contest period from August 1 to August 31. 


BTS posts will be judged by the BC Mod Team on how useful they are and how well they teach.

The mods are:


The contest is open worldwide, except for areas where LEGO's delivery provider is unable to reach. 


The Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 set is generously provided by LEGO and will be shipped directly to the winner for free. If delivery is unavailable in your area, we cannot guarantee that LEGO can accommodate you.

If the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 is unavailable in your region at the time of the awarding, we reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal value. The prize can't be exchanged for cash or other items.


We'll announce the contest winner here on the forum with an update to this post by September 7, 2019. Please make sure to visit this forum topic on that date and double-check that you are able to receive emails from Brickcentral.

If your entry is chosen, you must respond within 72 hours of the announcement or we will have to select a new winner.

We're looking forward to seeing your Hidden Side! Good luck!

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