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Hi! Brickfilm anima...
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Hi! Brickfilm animator here

yellow shots
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I just recently found this forum and I'm super excited to be a part of the community!

A bit about me:

My first introduction to Lego was probably around 1999 when the early star wars sets first came out. Ever since then, my room was always filled with bricks and minifigures. Flash-forward to 2007, in the early years of YouTube, when I randomly happened to stumble upon this weird thing where people made videos by taking pictures of lego and playing them in a sequence. Needless to say, I had to take a swing at it. It wasn't immediate though. I was just a fan for many years, enjoying content from great lego channels like forrestfire101, keshen8, sumkid101, and blobstudios, among others. I wouldn't actually pick up a camera to photograph legos until around 2011, and I wouldn't upload anything to the Internet until 2014, when I posted this:

It was so much fun that I was immediately hooked. I didn't realize I had tapped into an entire world I never knew before. And now looking back, I can honestly say that one of my favorite things about my decision to make brickfilms is that I've been able to meet so many cool people that share my passion for lego I probably would've not been able to meet otherwise. It has been great!

To summarize, I guess I'm sharing all of this in the hope that I reach someone who's just starting out in their hobby and let them know that if you stick to your passion, and keep at it, you can make really cool things 🙂

This is the my latest brickfilm (I'm really happy with how it turned out): 

Thank you all for your time and keep building!


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Hi and welcome! Apologise for the delayed response. Thanks for sharing your Afol origin story ???? look foward to seeing you around on the forum and on our social media