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Story Shoutouts for Newcomers and Phone Photographers

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In addition to featuring the best Lego photos around we at Brickcentral also like to shine a spotlight on two specific sub groups of our community.

Those sub groups are; newcomers to Lego photography and photographers primarily shooting lego with a mobile phone.

There are two ways for a photographer falling into these two camps to be featured:

1. Use the hashtags!

#BC_WELCOME for newcomers (100ish posts or less) & #BC_MOBILE for phone photographers

If you are a newcomer or a mobile shooter then add the relevant tag(s) from above to your pics in addition to #brickcentral.

@fourbrickstall and I (@freethegeekman) are monitoring the BC_WELCOME & BC_MOBILE hashtags respectively and selecting the best for shoutouts. Of course, including these tags does not exclude you from being featured elsewhere on Brickcentral.

2. Nominate Someone! We will credit you in the shoutout.

If you know of a newcomer or mobile shooter who you think deserves a @brickcentral shoutout then let us know. If we choose to feature the nominated picture or account we will credit you in the shoutout too.

To nominate just send us a DM at the Brickcentral IG account.

So get tagging, get nominating and we will keep featuring our favourites over on our Instagram stories several times a month.

If you have any questions please fire away below.

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