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[Sticky] How do I get featured on Brickcentral?

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How do I get featured on Brickcentral?

We're looking for photos that are technically excellent and highly creative. Technical excellence means having an appropriate exposure, focus, and lighting among other things for a particular photograph. Creativity includes storytelling, composition, concept, etc.

Themes of graphic violence, sexism, nudity and hate won't be featured. Regardless of the fact that we're mostly AFOLs here, we're acutely aware that our audience includes children and are just not comfortable directing them to follow accounts with these types of photos.

Photos that use the following aspect ratio standards are eligible for features:

  • 3:2 (mirrorless, DSLR and high-end compact cameras)
  • 4:3 (most phones, compact cameras and micro four-thirds cameras)
  • 5:4 (Instagram's maximum vertical or portrait)
  • 1:1 (square)
  • 16:9 (widescreen cinematic)

*  Photos with letterboxing will be edited to remove it. Letterboxing is the practice of adding areas, usually white or black, to the top and bottom or left and right of a photo as a presentation design element.

Photos on Instagram and Flickr are eligible to be featured.


There are 2 regular ways for Instagram users to get featured:

1. Use the #brickcentral hashtag on your photos. The Features Mod checks that hashtag for LEGO photos that meet their criteria for excellence. Features are posted at least 3x a week.

2. Participate in the monthly theme and use the associated hashtag. The Theme Mod checks their hashtag for photos that are in line with their chosen theme and meet their criteria for excellence. Winners are posted at the end of the month.

There are also special cases where you might get featured:

If you have fewer than 150 posts on your account, you may get featured on Brickcentral's Stories for #bc_welcomewed. You can tag #brickcentral but you will have better chances of getting the Story Mod's attention using #bc_welcomewed.

Mobile phone photographers can use the hashtag #bc_mobilemon to get featured on our Stories.

If you're an advanced shooter, you can submit photos for the #bc_inthestyleof challenges and you might be featured by the Community Manager. These challenges are designed to help you practice a new technique demonstrated by another advanced shooter.


Flickr users can add their photo to the Brickcentral Features group for consideration. The group admin will check the group pool for photos that meet the Brickcentral criteria for excellence.

If your photo is chosen to be featured on Instagram and Twitter, we'll also post a link to your photo on our Flickr Features forum topic.

Forum Posts

And if you post an interesting topic on the forum, we may promote it as a story on Instagram. These can be BTS, insights, questions or anything that invites good discussion.

By using any of the Brickcentral hashtags, you grant us to crop and repost your images with attribution on our online properties including our social media accounts and website.

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UPDATE: I changed the rule about letterboxing to say that we will crop it out. It's a happy middle ground between preserving the aesthetics of Brickcentral's feed and not having the photographer change theirs.

Using the Brickcentral tag for features implies this added consent to crop and repost.

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Good idea! At least I have a feature already for my next round then. ????