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Welcome to Brickcentral’s new forum for LEGO photographers!

Four Bricks Tall
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This is a forum for LEGO photographers who want to share tips, talk gear, ask questions or just hang out with other like-minded people.

We’re mostly AFOLs here, but of course we like to play so I’ve built in some fun features like a points system to reward activity on the forum such as starting topics, replying to others, and liking comments among other things.

Another fun thing we’re doing is awarding badges when you get featured on our Instagram account. No longer will your achievement be bound to our Instagram feed: we’re hooking you up with a shiny new profile page where your badges can be displayed.

Those aren’t the only badges we’re giving out either. If you’re consistently helpful to newbie photographers on the forum, for example, we’ll recognize what a cool person you are and give you a badge for helping out the community.

Your profile can also be upgraded with studs -- what we call points around here. Want an Instagram feed like the mods have? You can unlock that with enough studs.

Other unlockable features are:

  1. a custom URL ( for your Instagram profile to your profile page here
  2. the ability to nominate other LEGO photographers for “Member’s Choice Awards” and let others vote

That’s just a few of the things we have planned. Oh, and giveaways!

How to Join the Brickcentral Community

You can browse this forum without signing up but if you want to post, I'll need you to register.

I’ve set up a few categories (top-level forums) like Photography and Community, each with a handful of forum topics underneath them to start things off.

And just because you don’t see a forum doesn’t mean that it’s not welcome. It’s probably more like an oversight on my part. Maybe it just hadn’t occurred to me or I think there needs to be more demand for it. Anyway, post your suggestions under Website Feedback and Suggestions so I can look into it.

How to Post

To start a new topic, pick the appropriate forum and click on the gray Add Topic button to the right of the name of the forum.

To add a photo to your post, just copy the link to your photo on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, or any platform that use OAuth and then paste the link into your post. The photo will embed and display inline.


The Brickcentral forum is actively moderated by awesome volunteers to help people find where they need to post, make sure things stay on topic, and warn the rule-breakers.

If you ever need assistance, ask @freethegeekman or me and we will lend you a hand.

Join Us

I hope I’ve convinced you to join us here on the forum to exchange tips, talk about LEGO minifigs and sets, give and get feedback on photos, get to know the Brickcentral mods and connect with other LEGO photographers.

We’ve got a Flickr gallery just for members and a bunch of forum-only contests coming up so I’d hate for you to miss out.

Hope to see you there soon!

- Four Bricks Tall
Brickcentral Community Manager and Site Admin

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Love it! Happy to be part of the Community!