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Phone photography course for LEGO photographers

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While writing critiques for some of the forum members and in coming up with the theme for Brickcentral this month, I thought it might be a good idea to create a course for LEGO photographers who shoot with their phones.

I already write a number of BTS for more advanced shooters on my blog, but many of you have asked for tips for beginners.

The phone photography course will cover composition, lighting, recommended accessories, and best practices for mobile photographers.

Writing a course like this will be a lot of work, so before I do that, I'd like to know how many are actually interested. This course will be free to registered members. 

To vote for this idea, simply like this post. (It's right below this post along with Reply and Quote.) You'll need to be registered on the forum in order to be counted so make sure you login first.

Once I hit 100 votes, I will start developing the content for the course. Hopefully, it will be ready sometime in January 2019.

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I like this idea and only ever use my phone for pictures, so any tips from others would always be gratefully received.

Hopefully I ‘liked’ this over at the Fourbrickstall forum and it’s all carried over here. 

The other thing I’d love to see (perhaps I should start a topic, but I’m not one for regularly using forums) is some tips on taking photos when you’re out and about. I do most of mine when out on walks with family and friends or visiting places. I generally have about 30 seconds to set up the Lego and get the picture so it’s a completely different experience to shooting in a very controlled environment at home with time to tweak everything.

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@guineapigpaul that's how I do a lot of my photos too. I just use my phone and I take my figs out when I walk my dog or go out with my kid. I love doing that but I have found lately I get much better results doing it at home with more time and set up (guess that shouldnt be a suprising discovery). But I still really enjoy trying to get a good snap on the move.