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BTS Hidden Side - The Smokey Sunset

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For this Star Wars shot I wanted to try out something I've never done before an I wanted to do for so long. I created an indoor Sun. I made a few shots with the Sun in different positions, one is before the sunset and one is the actual sunset.


I haven't done a Star Wars shot in a while now and for this contest I wanted to do it. Basically I was going through my sets and searching the perfect ones. I found 2 Solo: A Star Wars Story sets: the 75215 Cloud rider swoop bikes and the 75209 Han Solo's landspeeder!


I wanted to create a scene where they are on a sandy planet.. I always think that some kind of terrain works better than just smooth surface, but it also depends on how you feel about it and do you want it in this exact shot. For the sand I used just some flavour which I poured out on some standard A4 papers so it would be easier to put it back in the bowl.


For the lighting I used some blue Christmas lights and a blue screen on my tablet to light the landspeeder blue from both sides. But that's not it, I also used some LED lamps that we used in our kitchen until we bought the LED strip and put it there. Those lights I used to light the swoop bikes from underneath! I really think that looks cool.. And the last light I used was my table lamp from IKEA which I used to create the Sun!


The setup of the swoop bikes. For the swoop bikes in the air, I used some fishing line which I taped to my shelves above my table. It was probably the hardest thing to do because the line always slip from the tape and sometimes the weight of the bikes caused the line with the tape fall.. In the end I put lots of tape so it didn't fall ever again! ????


For the background I used a big roll of white paper and just drew some clouds on it! I really wanted to do those clouds by my hand and not print them out cause it just gives a special, homemade feel..



One more essential I used was my tripod. I got it from Amazon last Christmas and it's great, if you're looking for a tripod you can also find some great ones on Amazon for under $30!


Last part of the equipment was a smoke dispenser! It's a pretty cool thing, you put some water and you put essential oils with the water and then the smoke from the water comes right out of the top! It really came in handy this time to create the exact amount of smoke I wanted!


The posing overall is very important too! The posing of the landspeeder was simple, I just put it in the middle of the scene. The idea behind the swoop bikes is that they'd be flying over the landspeeder side by side so I put them that way using the fishing line as said previously. Also I didn't just want the scene to be just about the speeders themselves so I added some minifigures on the landspeeder to fight against each other, the figs I used are Enfy's Nest on the left and Tobias Beckett on the right. The idea behind them is that Enfy's is attacking Tobias with her blade and Tobias is dodging the blade but he dropped his gun on the side. The gun that he's dropping is made with a wire which I glued onto the gun and then in Adobe Photoshop Fix application I erased using the "Healing" tool.



Just one thing I have to work on is that indoor Sun. It's really complicated. The glare that it leaves on the photo (in this case the pink one) sometimes bugs me so I'll work on improving that! ????


And just one last thing, the full BTS shot, just the way I took the photo! ????



This shot was extremely fun to make and I'll definitely do more indoor Sun in the future and I hope you've enjoyed reading this Hidden Side of my shot! It will be up on Instagram soon, depending on the time you're reading this!